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Membership in the Canadian Reformed School Association of Smithers is open to members in good standing of the Canadian Reformed Church of Smithers, Canadian Reformed Church of Houston, Faith United Reformed Church in Telkwa and Bethel United Reformed Church in Smithers.

Children of parents who do not belong to any of those four churches may be admitted on a case by case basis by the board of the school. To be eligible the parents must desire a Biblical education according to the Reformed faith. That faith is summarized in the Three Forms of Unity. If they are admitted the parents will be non-voting members. If you are interested in more information please contact the school office.

All staff must be members in good standing of one of the four local Canadian or United Reformed churches mentioned above.

Why aren't these children going to the public school?
Parents formed the school association back in the 1960s because they believed that nothing in life is neutral. Every aspect of life is affected by one's worldview/faith. Therefore the educational environment also had to be as consistent as possible with the truth of Scripture as understood by the parents.

God grants children to parents and parents in turn promise at the child's baptism that they will raise these children, God's covenant children, to know and fear Him. With this covenantal responsibility in mind, ECRS is a covenantal school and is committed to match instruction as closely as possible to parents' faith. The school vision statement captures the intent of the school society.

As parents and supporting members united in our understanding of the Word of God, we acknowledge that we must raise our covenant children in an environment permeated with His Word. Therefore this school has been established to assist us in equipping our children with the tools needed to function as prophets, priests and kings in this world.

The idea of functioning as prophet priest and kings is taken from the Heidelberg Catechism, Lord's Day 12. Basically parents believe that life is an integrated whole and that it is to be lived to God's glory. We do not claim perfection in that but we do strive to take seriously the call to live for God's glory in love. This commitment to do things in a spirit of love and obedience to God is based on what Jesus identified in Matthew 22:37:40, as the two greatest coommandments. This means that we endeavour to make the school culture and climate be one in which all students, staff, parents and visitors feels safe, accepted and respected. 

In all our classes we try to integrate God's word in a responsible way in what we teach and how we teach it. Every decision and action is ideally tied back to the vision statement to ensure that we remain focussed on achieving that goal.

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